The registered society of the Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch

In May 2003 the registered society of the „Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch e.V.“ was founded as a non profit-making organization. The intention is to support the museum in a spiritual and financial way. A further main emphasis is put on the preservation and continuation of the historico-cultural and natural history research and collections. One of the main points of interest is the concept of the museum. The connection of the interplay of the history of nature and of culture, of man and nature.

The work of the society is focused on the support of the museum as a natural- and historico-cultural institution. The priority matters of concern are the public relations work, the museum pedagogical contents and the sensitization of the population for their „own“ history. This shall be achieved by eg. excursions to selected sites and themes of the region.

In addition to that the close cooperation with the local associations of nature conservancy and environmental protection are of special interest. We – that is the board, the employees of the museum and the current members, which you also may belong to very soon – would like to have a close cooperation between the society and the museum.

Advantages of your membership:

We would like to thank you for your engagement and support and have a lot of privileges for our members:

  • Free admittance at any time to the Landesmuseum, to any exhibition as well as to lectures and film shows.
  • The membership subscription comprises the annual issue of a museum magazine.
  • For the publications issued by the museum there is a 20% discount for members of the society.
  • As a member you will be invited exclusively to openings of exhibitions, lectures, our framework in addition to the daily offer of the museum and you will be informed about all events and current projects.
  • Participation in our trips are reduced for members.
  • As the society is established as a non-profit making organization your donations and subscriptions are tax reducing.

What can you do?

Fill in the confirmation of membership and send it back to us.

How much is the membership?

Annual fee is 20 Euros
Pupils and students 15 Euros
Family 30 Euros
If you join the society as a legal entity or a corporation the fee is 50 Euros.

Our bank account:
bank code number. 280 501 00
bank account: 105 4717
Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
holder: Uwe Kramer

The members of the board

  • Regina Engel (1st president)
  • Evelyn Kloos (secretary)
  • Uwe Kramer (treasurer)
  • Emil Wiese (1st representative)
  • Etta Bengen (2nd representative)

Now you know the aims and intentions of the new founded society. You can choose, to engage actively, work honorary or if you want to make use of the advantages of your membership.